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The time I started running

June 03, 2017 | 2 Minute Read

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I remember running my first 8 km and not being able to walk the whole day after. I thought I was just not fit. I tried multiple times, with short distance and long distance running. But my feet hurt so bad that I gave up on running.

A lot of articles suggested that I need better shoes. I bought a pair from Decathlon (40 AUD). It was so comfortable for my zumba classes. I decided to give running another chance. But, Zumba shoes are not running shoes. 

I tried couple more shoes from big brands like Nike & Reebok. They were amazing for weight training. But horrendous for running.

At this point, I thought it was just me. My feet are not designed for running.😒

Few months later, I fell in love with a Nike running shoe, the moment I tried it on. They were so weightless and the soles were thick and comfortable.

The same day I went for a run.
I felt like a child who just started running.
My feet did not hurt!!
It made a huge difference in the way I looked at running.
It motivated me to keep running.

Choosing the right shoes make a huge difference. Those pair of shoes I am comfortable in, may not be the right fit for you. Running shoes are an investment.

It takes time to find your flavor. Don't settle for less comfortable, cheap shoes.

Keep searching for those perfect shoes.👟