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  • June 03, 2017

    The time I started running

    I remember running my first 8 km and not being able to walk the whole day after. I thought I was just not fit. I tried multiple times, with short distance and long distance running. But my feet hurt so bad that I gave up on running.A lot of articl...

  • June 02, 2017

    Training that voice in my head

    Ouch. Did I hear my ankle crack?OMG. It could be a sprain.I could have torn some ligaments.Let me stop here.Water. I need water!Argh. Not even half way there?Why not just turn around?Why do I breathe so fast?Is it normal to breathe through my mout...

  • March 11, 2017

    Break Stereotypes

    "Boys will be boysPlay with the girls"says mom to 5 year old Sarah when she complains about being teased by the boys, for missing a wicket at the cricket game.This creates a fear in her heart.A fear which makes her find boys intimidating.A fear wh...

  • March 07, 2017

    Break Stereotypes

    Dear women,Don't get carried away by the stereotypes set by media;Nobody but you can define what you are capable of.Don't be intimidated by the men in the floor;Your skills are equally important as theirs.Don't be afraid of being wrong;Everyone ma...

  • March 02, 2017

    Connect with MergeProps

    `MergeProps` is the third argument to the [connect](https://github.com/reactjs/react-redux/blob/master/docs/api.md) function. It is a function which is used to select a slice of the props from state and dispatch.`SaveAllContainer` maps the todo it...