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Happy teams are healthy teams

January 27, 2018 | 4 Minute Read

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I’ve worked on some interesting projects over the years. Some of them had exciting cutting-edge technical challenges to solve, while some of them were a little rusty.

All these projects have been unique, with their own highs and lows. Some of them had excellent teammates who got along really well. Some of them had not so pleasant team to work with.

Looking back, though the work was exciting, the team composition lead to bad team morale and hence low productivity. Here are some of my reflections about the idea of a happy team:

A team is a group of people, with complementary skills, working together to achieve a goal. To make sure that everyone brings their best to the table, they need to understand each others’ strengths and help each other grow. Also it is important for everyone to feel comfortable with the people they work with; especially if you are working towards a common goal.

The most productive teams are those which laugh a lot. Because they are in a comfortable position to talk through even their “not-so-thought-through” ideas. This creates room for innovation. Also, this creates room for people to make mistakes.

Everybody makes mistakes. That is a part of the journey. We learn from our mistakes. It is much easier to commit mistakes when you are not surrounded by people who drag you down for it; rather, help you get better at your game.

The happiest teams are those where everyone is approachable and friendly. If you want to learn and grow, you have to be willing to take feedback from your peers. Creating a friendly vibe helps your peers to share their honest feedback and help you grow.

Healthy teams are made of people — who are willing to learn from each other; appreciate each others strengths; support them through their career growth. People who set aside their ego, embrace diversity and empathize with each others’ ideas.

In summary, here are my tips if you want to create a happy team:

  • If anyone looks rather low in energy, see if you can lighten their day. This will help them be more productive — which makes the team productive.
  • If you see someone make a mistake, suggest ways to improve. This is efficient than criticizing what they did.
  • Smile.. This cheers the vibe of your team. 😊

Happy teams are healthy teams. What is your take on happy teams? Respond to this post to share tips.