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Break Stereotypes

March 11, 2017 | 2 Minute Read

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“Boys will be boys
Play with the girls”

says mom to 5 year old Sarah when she complains about being teased by the boys, for missing a wicket at the cricket game.

This creates a fear in her heart.

A fear which makes her find boys intimidating. A fear which stops her from getting better at a game she really wants to play.

10 years later, this fear stops her from taking a class she wants to take, Because the same “boys” are in it. She is not matured enough to take the road less taken; She wants to be at a place which she considers her safe zone.

15 years later, this fear stops her from learning to code, Because she has not seen many women who are good at it.

Stereotypes are created by us. They affect our decisions. They affect our way of life.